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Polyurethane/PU Cord/PU Round Belt is frequently used in situations requiring a high operating load capacity.

Up to 50 times stronger than rubber, the PU cord is flexible and resistant to abrasion, oil, grease, solvents, flame, and moisture.

Polyurethane Cord is also used to make PU Round Belts, which are very easy to weld and may be made indefinitely. 

Polyurethane cords are called PU Wire, Polyurethane Solid Wire, PU Belt, Endless Belt, Plastic Wire, Plastic Belt, Non-Metallic Wire, Engineering Plastic Belt, etc.

 Polyurethane Cord in hydraulic conditions With better seal performance, the following situations are high pressure, shock load, or abrasive contamination in Estimate. 

Polyurethane rope, similar to chemical compatibility with nitrile cord, could contain petroleum-based hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, the hydraulic liquid substance, and Ozone The influence of oxidation and the sun with time, the ageing process increases the impacts of For Good resistance. 

Polyurethane cord with too warm water and steam of erosion The prone could be Huh. We are an in-house welding facility; utilization by using endless polyurethane drive bands of construction to do can hub.



Pneumatic Control System

Air Lines,

Granular and powdered transfer of material

fluid lines,


Low-Pressure Hydraulics and Robotics.

Textile Drive-In Comprehensive Form From Usage

Printing and packing machine

Food and Drink Processing

Wood Processing

Wall Floors tiled industrial Queue message

line shaft conveyor shaft-packing machine, light drive, transfer conveyor drive tile either brick industry, medicine industry,

Ceramics consumer, electronics, food, mineral, Glass, Packaging, papermaking, petroleum, railroad, tiles, toys and vehicle industries, specifically in the ceramic industry.



Diameter: 1,3, 4, 5, 6, 8,10, 12, 15, 18, 20 mm

length of the roll: 100m

Colour: Black, Orange, Blue, Clear, Green, Red

Density (Specific Gravity): 1.21g/cm3

Tensile Strength: 515kg/cm2_

Elongation of the brake feathers 600 per cent

Min. Temperature: -15 degrees Celsius

Maximum. Temperature: +80degC

Noise A By hardness: 50-90 noise 

Extraordinary friction resistance the One High friction coefficient.

Excellent chemical and oil resistance.

Ozone oxidation effects On resistance, the sun’s light of age increases its influence.

Excellent tear resistance.

It is a long-running life.

100 % Pure High Quality. The one’s thermoplastic polyurethane content

Production is based on accurate parameters of the product.

Tensile distortion Of For resistance.

Extraordinary form wear of for nylon core/steel Corner Joint Can Huh.


V-Profile of polyurethane

Size (mm): 8 x 5, 10 x 6, 13 x 8, 17 x 11, 22 x 15

Colour: Green, Blue, Natural

Hardness: 88A, 85A, 85A,


Polyurethane (Reinforced) V-Profile

Size (mm): 13 8 x 17, 17 x 11, 22 x

Colour: green, Blue, Natural

Hardness: 90A

Resistive PUR/PU/TPU Cable is resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis, coolants, and other presence applications for Ideal Huh.

Continuous flexing and coil cords are used for TPU cables. The cast is recommended because they are similar to PVC as other thermoplastics. In one of the most elastic memory materials, Better tear Power and high friction resistance would be. Polyurethane cables in All Rated Temperature Ranges are capable of withstanding the Huh.

All polyurethane cable’s nature is RoHS conforming Huh, and PU itself too Halogen Free Is Polyurethane cable is a good choice for Use For One excessively friendly compound to make Huh.


Properties of the PU cord:

High Tensile Strength.

Excellent friction Resistance.

Fuel, oil, and oxygen For Excellent Resistance.

No plasticizer is of Excellent Quality.

Rust Of Against Resistance.

Long-lived permanent durability.

High tensile may cord Straight polyurethane bond of wire that is readily available. Polyurethane wire can be used with PVC conveyor belts that resemble older Goods To Strong to do In the Huh that is too powerful.

A cord is made of polyurethane for use in queue shaft O Rings, Roller to Roller O rings, and divert o rings for onsite manufacturing. Pu cord after the necessary length of cutting.


Custom Design Capabilities Specific Profiles, dual Durometer Fixed Disruptive, UV stationary tracking facilities, perforated profile, and more!

SSI is a manufacturer and supplier of polyurethane cord and construction is SSI polyurethane cord for businesses, and supply our extensive experience in using high-quality polyurethane belts e.t.c 

With a Customer-centric approach most prestigious brand name.,

We offer high-quality cords delivered to Huh and the Quality PU cord. Our clients are satisfied with our service. Our round PU cord is sold in the entire market, and our long-lasting operational time.

These PU cords are thermoplastic and use industrial equipment to power the transmission of two separate rotating shafts. 

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