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SSI PU Piston Seals or Polyurethane Piston Seals

SSI Polyurethane (TPU) Piston Seals: Ensuring Superior Performance, Wide Range and Durability

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Blue Polyurethane Piston Seals
Minimum order Quantity10 Pieces
PriceApprox 10 INR
MaterialPolyurethane (TPU/PU)
ShapeRound U Cup Seal
Use or ApplicationIndustrial Hydrolics and Pnumetics
Country of origineMade in India (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
Packaging TypeCoustem
Min Hardness40 A
Max Hardness95 A
Min Temperature range50 deg C
Max Temperature range200 deg C
Constant pressure4500 PSI

What you should consider before buying Polyurethane piston seals

ID (Inner Diameter)
OD (Outer Diameter)
Seal Height
Seal Cross Section
Groove Width
Groove Diameter
Groove Width Tolerance
Seal Height Tolerance
Cross Section Tolerance
Piston Dia. Tolerance
Bore Tolerance
Piston Diameter

Shree Shakti Industries, a renowned manufacturer based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, specializes in producing top-notch customized and sturdy polyurethane piston seals and merchandise designed to fulfill the worrying necessities of numerous programs.

Importance of Polyurethane Piston Seals in Various Industries

Polyurethane piston seals play a vital position in a huge variety of industries, such as automotive, petroleum, commercial machinery, and agriculture. These seals are designed to provide superior put-on resistance and brilliant sealing overall performance, ensuring that hydraulic and pneumatic structures function successfully and reliably. Made from excessive-grade polyurethane substances, those piston seals provide mind-blowing chemical resistance and may resist an extensive temperature range, making them appropriate for various challenging environments. The versatility and durability of polyurethane piston seals make them a necessary element in numerous packages, contributing to the clean operation and extended provider existence of gadgets and equipment.

 Features and Benefits of Polyurethane Piston Seals

High put-on resistance

            Polyurethane piston seals are recognized for their amazing put-on resistance, making them a preferred choice for various applications in which sturdiness is essential. Their strong composition ensures that they can face up to harsh running situations, decreasing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing device downtime.

            Excellent sealing overall performance

            The particular traits of polyurethane substances enable piston seals to offer excellent sealing overall performance. They can correctly prevent fluid leakage in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, ensuring constant operation and contributing to the general efficiency of machinery and equipment.

            Wide temperature range

            Polyurethane piston seals can be characteristic correctly across an extensive temperature range, making them appropriate for various environments and applications. Their potential to preserve their structural integrity and overall performance under severe temperatures ensures dependable and constant operation even in difficult situations.

            Impressive chemical resistance

            Polyurethane piston seals show off exquisite resistance to numerous chemical substances, which include oils, fuels, and hydraulic fluids. This chemical resistance guarantees that the seals preserve their performance in the presence of harsh chemicals, making them best for use within the petroleum and car industries, among others.

Long service life

            Due to their wear resistance, sealing performance, temperature range, and chemical resistance, polyurethane piston seals offer an extended provider existence compared to other sealing materials. This sturdiness effects in decreased preservation fees and stepped forward normal performance for industries that depend upon those seals.

Various seal types

            Polyurethane piston seals are to be had in numerous sorts, catering to extraordinary packages and necessities. Single-performing seals are designed to address strain from one course, at the same time as double-appearing seals can control pressure from each direction. U-Cup piston seals, alternatively, feature a U-formed layout that offers extraordinary sealing performance in both low and excessive-strain packages. This variety ensures that customers can locate the perfect seal to meet their particular desires.

 Material and Customization Options

            Material selections

            Shree Shakti Industries offers a number of cloth choices for polyurethane piston seals, catering to various software necessities. These alternatives consist of thermoplastic polyurethanes, MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), TDI (toluene diisocyanate), and aliphatic polyurethanes. Each material gives precise properties that lead them to be suitable for unique working situations and environments.

Custom sizes and designs

            Understanding that special programs have particular requirements, Shree Shakti Industries gives custom sizes and designs for her polyurethane piston seals. Customers can collaborate with the business enterprise’s expert group to create seals tailor-made to their particular desires, making sure the most excellent performance and compatibility with their equipment and system.

Color alternatives

            In addition to custom sizes and designs, Shree Shakti Industries additionally offers a number of color alternatives for polyurethane piston seals. Customers can pick from diverse hues to match their branding or to assist in differentiating among different seal types, simplifying protection and identification techniques.

Dimension, Thickness, and Outer Diameter customization

          In addition to catering to clients’ requirements, Shree Shakti Industries permits for customization of dimensions, thickness, and outer diameter of polyurethane piston seals. This flexibility ensures that the seals will match flawlessly with certain equipment and perform at their most excellent levels.

Anti-extrusion rings and Backup rings

          For programs that demand extra protection against extrusion and stress-related troubles, Shree Shakti Industries gives anti-extrusion rings and backup earrings. These supplementary additives can be used along with the polyurethane piston seals, improving their performance and lengthening their carrier life beneath excessive-strain situations.

Applications of Polyurethane Piston Seals

Hydraulic structures

           Polyurethane piston seals are substantially utilized in various hydraulic system components, along with hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic jacks, and hydraulic rods. Their tremendous sealing performance and durability lead them to be ideal for coping with excessive-stress fluids and making sure the green operation of hydraulic structures.

Pneumatic systems

            In pneumatic systems, polyurethane piston seals are used in additives like pneumatic rod seals and pneumatic seals. They offer effective sealing to save you from air leaks, making sure the constant and reliable functioning of pneumatic equipment.

Industrial machinery

            Polyurethane piston seals are extensively used in different varieties of industrial machinery, which include off-road systems, hydraulic presses, and agricultural machinery. Their excessive wear resistance and potential to resist extreme temperatures and cruel environments make them a pinnacle desire for keeping the overall performance and sturdiness of these machines.

Automotive enterprise

            The automobile enterprise is predicated on polyurethane piston seals for various packages, which include piston rings and rubber piston seals. These seals help maintain the overall performance of engines and other car components, contributing to the overall performance and safety of cars.

Petroleum industry

            In the petroleum industry, polyurethane piston seals are used to deal with worrying running conditions, along with high pressures and exposure to corrosive chemical compounds. Their astounding chemical resistance and sturdiness make them suitable for various programs inside this enterprise, making sure the safe and green management of petroleum products.

Fluid dealing with equipment.

            Polyurethane piston seals are a critical aspect in diverse fluid coping with the gadget, which includes wiper seals, reciprocating rod seals, gland seals, secondary rod seals, outside wipers, and scrapers. Their amazing sealing overall performance and resistance to put on help save you from fluid leaks, keeping the performance and reliability of the gadget utilized in fluid managing tactics.

Quality Assurance and Certification

Strict high-quality control measures

            Shree Shakti Industries is dedicated to delivering splendid polyurethane piston seals and takes strict pleasant control measures to make certain that their merchandise meets or exceeds patron expectancies. From raw cloth choice to manufacturing methods and very last inspections, the organization keeps a rigorous excellent manipulation machine to guarantee product excellence.

In-residence testing centers

       To further make certain products the best and most consistent, Shree Shakti Industries has hooked up in-house checking-out facilities that enable them to behavior complete checks on their polyurethane piston seals. These tests determine diverse properties, consisting of wear resistance, chemical resistance, and temperature tolerance, to make certain that the goods meet the desired performance standards.

Compliance with enterprise requirements

            Shree Shakti Industries takes delight in manufacturing polyurethane piston seals that observe relevant enterprise requirements. By adhering to these guidelines, the agency can make certain that its merchandise is well-matched with numerous packages and devices, in addition to solidifying its recognition as a reliable and honest manufacturer.

Surface roughness considerations

            Surface roughness is a critical aspect of the performance of piston seals. Shree Shakti Industries cautiously considers floor roughness while producing their products, making sure that the seals have optimum sealing overall performance and minimize friction between the seal and the mating surface. This attention to detail contributes to the overall toughness and performance of their polyurethane piston seals.

Product Range and Services

Piston Seals

            Shree Shakti Industries offers a comprehensive range of piston seals to cater to various programs and industries. Their product lineup consists of PU Piston Seals, Polyurethane Seals, Rod Seals, PU U Seals, and PU V Seals. Each sort of seal is designed to supply brilliant performance and sturdiness, ensuring that customers can discover the right answer for their unique requirements.

Seal Kits and Packaging Types

            In addition to man or woman piston seals, Shree Shakti Industries additionally provides seal kits that contain more than a few seals and components needed for specific programs. These kits are to be had in numerous packaging types, making sure the safe and steady shipping of the products to customers.

PU Seal size chart and measuring manual

            To help customers select the ideal polyurethane piston seals for their needs, Shree Shakti Industries affords a PU Seal size chart and measuring guide. This aid allows customers to accurately measure and discover the proper seal dimensions for their precise software, ensuring ideal overall performance and compatibility.

Research and improvement

            Shree Shakti Industries is devoted to the non-stop development and innovation of its product offerings. They spend money on studies and development to create new and stepped-forward polyurethane piston seals that address the evolving wishes of various industries. This determination to innovate permits the organization to preserve its position as a main manufacturer of exceptional polyurethane merchandise.

Sustainability tasks

            As part of their dedication to a greener destiny, Shree Shakti Industries actively pursues sustainability tasks to decrease their environmental effect. The organization focuses on responsible manufacturing practices, waste discount, and energy performance to reduce its ecological footprint at the same time as preserving the first-class and overall performance of its products. This commitment to sustainability showcases Shree Shakti Industries’ willpower to both the surroundings and their clients.

            Industries Served


            Shree Shakti Industries serves the car industry by providing exquisite polyurethane piston seals for numerous packages, which include engines, suspension systems, and braking structures. Their seals make a contribution to the overall performance and protection of vehicles, ensuring dependable overall performance and reduced maintenance necessities.


            In the agriculture industry, Shree Shakti Industries’ polyurethane piston seals are used in an extensive range of equipment and system, such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems. Their long-lasting seals assist in ensuring the smooth operation of these machines, decreasing downtime and contributing to improved productiveness inside the agricultural sector.


            The petroleum enterprise is predicated on Shree Shakti Industries’ polyurethane piston seals to deal with the traumatic operating conditions frequently encountered in oil and gas exploration, manufacturing, and processing. With surprising chemical resistance and the capacity to withstand high pressures, their seals play a vital position in maintaining the secure and efficient handling of petroleum products.

Industrial machinery

            Shree Shakti Industries’ polyurethane piston seals are extensively used in numerous sorts of industrial machinery, along with off-road devices, hydraulic presses, and manufacturing gadgets. Their seals are designed to face up to harsh environments and excessive temperatures, ensuring dependable overall performance and prolonged service existence for a wide variety of machines utilized in diverse industries.

            Why Choose Shree Shakti Industries

Expertise in polyurethane merchandise production

            Shree Shakti Industries has large experience in manufacturing fantastic polyurethane merchandise, including piston seals. Their knowledge guarantees that clients receive the pinnacle-best merchandise that meets or exceeds their expectations, making the agency a depended-on provider in diverse industries.

Competitive Pricing

            Shree Shakti Industries offers competitive pricing on its range of polyurethane piston seals, making sure that customers receive an exceptional price for their funding. Their dedication to providing value-powerful answers makes them an attractive preference for organizations seeking to optimize their operational prices without compromising on high quality.

Quick turnaround instances

            Understanding the significance of well-timed transport, Shree Shakti Industries is dedicated to presenting brief turnaround instances for her products. They have streamlined their production techniques and logistics to make sure that clients acquire their orders right away, minimizing downtime and preserving operations strolling easily.

Customer-centric approach

            Shree Shakti Industries places customer satisfaction at the core of its business. They work carefully with customers to understand their unique requirements and offer tailored answers that nice healthy their wishes. This purchaser-centric method ensures that clients get hold of personalized interest and aid at some stage in the whole method.

Expert technical assist

            In addition to their high-quality products, Shree Shakti Industries gives professional technical aid to assist customers in making knowledgeable decisions and troubleshooting any issues they’ll stumble upon. Their knowledgeable team is available to offer guidance and recommendations, ensuring that customers have the support they need to reap the best overall performance from their polyurethane piston seals.

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