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We are the most reputed manufacturer and distributor of high-quality Polyurethane Wheels like Sander Wheels, Load Wheels, Sander Wheels, Escalator Elevator Rollers, Caster Wheels, Caster and Load Wheels. Our products are made from the highest quality raw material and the latest technology.

Moreover, they are made in conformity with the international standards for quality. Our quality control experts rigorously test our products to ensure the best quality at the clients’ conclusions at defined specifications.

PU Coated Wheels are made with highly tensile and abrasion-resistant polyurethane material on Aluminium, Steel Cast Iron, and MS. These PU-coated wheels have high resistance to scratch or tear. They are used in pallet trucks, stacker wheels, and trolley forklifts.

Tear Strength

It is between 20 to 50 kg/linear cm, better than rubber wheels. Urethane wheels are often used for drive belts, forklift trucks, drum and roll cover traction, or as drive wheels for automatic sorting machines.


Many polyurethane wheels have great flexibility and are expected to last longer than other elastomer materials when this characteristic is important. For this reason, bellows, dust shoes, diaphragms, belts and couplings, and similar products are manufactured from urethane.

Electrical Properties

Wheels made of polyurethane provide excellent electrical insulation properties.

Cold and heat resistance polyurethane wheels can be used up to 100 °C. Polyurethane wheels can be used at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Noise Reduction

Polyurethane tires are a common choice for industrial applications due to their low noise operation.

The polyurethane acts as a shock absorber and helps cushion the ride and absorb bumps caused by uneven terrain. Replacing cast iron or steel wheels with polyurethane will significantly reduce noise levels, which can help protect your employee’s hearing.

A common injury that is not considered is hearing loss. Although most companies offer earplugs, they don’t always work. Polyurethane wheels act as shock absorbers, plus the noise level is significantly lower compared to wheels made of steel and cast iron.

They will reduce noise levels and protect your employees’ ears. Rigid urethanes are employed in areas where engineers wish to minimize sound. Soft urethane wheels replace hard surfaces such as cast iron, iron, aluminum, and plastics to reduce noise and vibration.

With a higher load-bearing capacity

Urethane offers the benefits of a higher load-carrying capacity, such as lower noise, a better shock absorber, and a smoother ride on uneven surfaces, among other benefits of urethane wheels.

Polyurethane tires are often employed for their load-carrying capacity as compared to rubber. Polyurethane has a high load-bearing ability while providing the benefits of rubber tread, such as noise reduction and shock absorption, and protection for floors. 

Polyurethane is an elastic material with an extremely high breaking point and an extremely high coefficient of elasticity that provides excellent elasticity and stiffness and excellent resistance to bending friction and compression.

To high static loads with high strength natural rubber under similar conditions, ten times longer lifethe lifetime of natural rubber under similar conditions and loads ten times also has tough loads, up more than three times the capacity of the matching rubber wheel.

Polyurethane wheels have a higher load-carrying capacity than conventional rubber. Because of this, they are an excellent material for load wheel couplings that are metal expansion joints as well as machine mounts, load wheels, heavy-duty couplings, metal-forming pads, expansion joints, and shock pads.

More Grip and Better Grip

Another advantage of using polyurethane tires is the friction coefficient of the material. This number tells how much friction between the parts and the force used to press them together. 

More rough surfaces have higher effective values, but smoother surfaces have lower values ​​due to their friction when squeezed together.

Polyurethane can be described as a highly malleable material, and its more significant coefficient of friction can help prevent vehicles from turning. The sliding wheel can make challenge the material with a more hard surface. 

Polyurethane also has an excellent grip on the drive wheels and can help reduce the pressure on the wheel to provide the necessary driving force. Another advantage of polyurethane wheels over other wheels made of rigid materials is the degree of friction.

Experts say that polyurethane wheels provide an excellent grip for driving wheels. It, in turn, reduces the load on the PU wheels and helps achieve the required driving force.

Floor Security

Another advantage of using polyurethane wheels over other types is protecting the floor, and they tend to scuff and leave larger footprints than rigid physical wheels like nylon. 

This more critical area reduces the pressure and load on the floor and helps to keep your floor in precise form for a longer period. 

Polyurethane tires are the ideal choice for flooring facilities that are expensive and important to your business.

Corrosion resistance

If you are in a situation where wheel casters are exposed to solvents, chemicals, and water, and you need to choose a polyurethane wheel, they are the most suitable option. Polyurethane wheel old minerals oils And Greece solvents, alcohol thin and bases resist. 

They do not get damaged or disintegrate in wet or humid conditions. In addition, they have some degree of resistance to various solvents and chemicals. 

Many polyurethanes have varying degrees of resistance to particular situations or environments. 

When exposure to chemicals is an issue, a different type of polyurethane can be used to extend the life of the wheel that is resistant to solvents, oils, oxygen, water, sunlight, chemicals, and other common weather conditions. is resistant.

Due to the high ductility in the wheel itself, the polyurethane-based material, and the way it is made, the strength of the keribound is higher than that of the rest of the wheel material, making it more ergonomic as there is less force to pull or push the caster due to rebound energy. 

Polyurethane tires offer many advantages for industrial wheels and applications. Polyurethane provides resistance to corrosion, shielding floors, and low noise levels while also providing the option to take on multiple capabilities. Switching to tires made from polyurethane can significantly impact your company’s performance.

We are moving material of polyurethane caster wheels.

Wheels made of polyurethane may be the most ergonomic ones on the market, as they offer less resistance than other wheels.

SSI’s engineering team can help you choose the right polyurethane wheels that best fit your needs. With the right details, you will be able to supply your company with low maintenance and years of trouble-free operation.

SSI will provide you with a highly reliable PU wheel superior to our competitors, chemically bonded to steel using the best quality polyurethane. These PU wheels are designed to last a long time.

SSI PU Wheel Unit is a premium thermoplastic material that bridges rubber and older thermoplastic wheels. 

They are extensively used in conveyors, press tools and machine tools, aircraft in cars, ground-support equipment, field rider streetcars, power plants, surface transport, construction machinery, and steel hydraulic roof supports used for shipping go. 

They are used in various materials handling and applications; These wheels referred to as maintenance wheels, have large snapping areas. Additionally, they have an excellent co-economic of the physical property and offer unique physical properties such as hardness. 

In addition, they are highly resistant to compressive turning and abrasion.

Polyurethane wheels are made with or without a hub and can be re-coated over any existing wheel or hub and even fixed to older model wheels. 

The cost of equipment for the production and repair of polyurethane wheels is lower than that of plastic, metal, and other materials.

SSI has a skilled team of engineers and designers who can design custom polyurethane wheel designs that can be used to meet any need or requirement for both long and short production runs. Some of the benefits that polyurethane wheels can :

Less time for the conveyor system to break down

Customizable colors that are not a marker.

The customizable hardness ranges from iron-strong to sponge-soft

Dimensionally accurate or precise dimensions, high elastic properties, smooth surface with no small holes.

Compact design, sleek surface, scratch resistance, and high durability are the main features of our PU wheels. Additionally, PU Coated Wheels are available in various sizes as per the demands of our clients at the most affordable prices.

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