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Country of OriginMade in India (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
Hardness60 to 95
Packaging As per requirement
PriceStart from 20 INR
Roller LengthCustomized
Roller DiameterCustomized
Roller SurfacePU finished
Shaft/Core MetterialAluminium, MS, SS, Plastics, (All)
Shaft/Core DiameterCustomized
Working TemperatureAs per requirement
Lord  bearing CapacityAs per requirement
Resistance Abresion, Chemical, Oil, etc.
AdvantageHigh Quality, High durability, excellent grip, Low noise opretion, etc.
CustomizationCustom size, Colours, Designs, etc.

Shree Shakti Industries, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is a main manufacturer of industrial polyurethane rollers. With a dedication to nice and patron delight, the employer designs and produces high-overall performance PU rollers or Cast Urethane rollers for diverse industries. Shree Shakti Industries is understood for its knowledge, innovation, and capacity to provide customized answers to meet precise utility requirements.

Importance of PU rollers in Industries

PU rollers, or urethane rollers, are crucial in many industries, which include meal processing, automobile manufacturing, aviation, mining, packaging, printing, agriculture, creation, and steel cutting. These rollers are essential for diverse programs like fabric conveying, squeezing, urgent, laminating, feeding, spreading, coating, and greater. Due to their precise residences and blessings, urethane rollers or Urethane rollers have become the favored preference over conventional metallic, rubber, and plastic rollers.

Advantages over Steel, Rubber, and Plastic Rollers

PU rollers or polyurethane rollers provide numerous blessings over their metallic, rubber, and plastic counterparts. Some of the key advantages include:

Longer-lasting: PU rollers or polyurethane rollers are more long-lasting and have a longer lifespan than rubber and plastic rollers. A Urethane roller lasts about 4000 hours earlier than showing symptoms of wear.

FDA approval for food processing: PU or polyurethane rollers are authorized via the FDA to be used in meal processing packages. They no longer leave marks or residue on meal merchandise like rubber and plastic rollers.

Reduced downtime and accelerated profits: The durability of PU rollers or polyurethane rollers manner a much less frequent substitute, resulting in decreased downtime and elevated business productiveness.

Better traction: Polyurethane rollers offer an advanced grip on smooth materials such as glass and sanded wood, making them perfect for numerous industrial applications.

Versatility: urethane rollers or polyurethane rollers are to be had in diverse durometers, making them adaptable to diverse packages and industries.

By providing these blessings over steel, rubber, and plastic rollers, PU rollers or Urethane rollers from Shree Shakti Industries have become a famous choice for organizations searching for dependable and green answers.

Types of PU rollers or polyurethane rollers

Conveyor Rollers: Conveyor rollers are critical components in cloth dealing with structures. PU or polyurethane rollers provide higher sturdiness and traction, ensuring easy and efficient product motion along conveyor belts. They are perfect for diverse industries, which include meals processing, packaging, and


Guide Rollers: Guide rollers assist manually and align substances for the duration of processing. PU or polyurethane guide rollers offer amazing put-on resistance and coffee friction, ensuring easy operation and decreasing renovation prices.

Friction Drive Rollers: Friction force rollers switch strength thru friction between the roller and the transferring material. PU or polyurethane friction drive rollers offer better grip, advanced wear resistance, and reduced noise, making them perfect for diverse packages.

Large Rollers: Large PU or polyurethane rollers are designed for heavy-duty applications and might face up to high loads and pressures. They offer superior overall performance, sturdiness, and resistance to wear, making them suitable for industries such as

mining, creation, and metal slicing.

Convex-covered Rollers: Convex-lined rollers have a curved floor, allowing higher contact with materials all through processing. PU or polyurethane convex-coated rollers enhance traction and put on resistance, making sure of efficient and dependable performance.

Industrial Rollers: Industrial rollers are used in diverse packages throughout numerous industries. PU or polyurethane business rollers offer many benefits, including improved sturdiness, put-on resistance, and flexibility for specific applications.

Urethane Rollers: Urethane rollers are a sort of polyurethane curler acknowledged for their great mechanical homes, which include high load-bearing capability, abrasion resistance, and effect resistance. They shape numerous industries, including printing, fabric, and automotive production.

Polyurethane Idler Rollers: Polyurethane loafer rollers assist manual belts in conveyor systems. They provide advanced wear resistance, reduced noise, and multiplied sturdiness compared to standard materials, ensuring efficient and dependable operation.

Urethane V Rollers: Urethane V rollers are designed with a V-shaped groove, which allows for better grip and alignment of substances all through processing. These rollers provide remarkable put-on resistance, decreased noise, and advanced software performance.

Urethane Drive Rollers: Urethane drive rollers transfer strength from vehicles to conveyor belts or other systems. They provide advanced traction, put on resistance, and reduce noise, making them ideal for diverse commercial programs.

Applications and Industries Served

Food Processing: urethane rollers or polyurethane rollers are extensively used within the food processing enterprise because of their FDA approval, awesome durability, and resistance to chemicals and oils. They are used for conveying, squeezing, pressing, laminating, and other food processing applications without leaving marks or residue on the products.

Automotive Manufacturing: In car production, PU or polyurethane rollers are applied for superior wear resistance, impact electricity, and noise reduction. They are employed in numerous programs, which include fabric managing, meeting strains, and issue production.

Aviation: The aviation enterprise benefits from PU or polyurethane rollers because of their lightweight nature, exquisite sturdiness, and resistance to chemicals and oils. They are utilized in manufacturing, renovation, and fabric handling applications, making sure smooth and efficient operations.

Mining PU or polyurethane rollers are used in the mining industry for their capability to face up to harsh environments, excessive loads, and abrasive materials. They are employed in fabric dealing with conveyor systems and processing programs.

Packaging: In the packaging industry, PU or polyurethane rollers provide stepped-forward grip, wear resistance, and sturdiness, making them appropriate for packaging methods which include material conveying, laminating, feeding, and spreading.

Printing: The printing enterprise uses PU or polyurethane rollers for terrific wear resistance, hardness, and coffee friction properties. They are used in various printing packages, including ink switches, plate mounting, and cloth managing.

Agriculture: In agriculture, PU or polyurethane rollers are used for their durability, chemical resistance, and capability to face harsh environmental conditions. They are employed in cloth coping with crop processing and irrigation systems.

Construction: The creation industry blessings from PU or polyurethane rollers’ tremendous load-bearing potential, impact resistance, and durability. They are used in material management, heavy machinery, and construction procedures.

Steel Cutting: PU or polyurethane rollers are utilized in metal-reducing applications for their superior wear resistance, impact strength, and capability to withstand excessive loads and pressures. They are employed in cloth handling, reducing, and processing applications.

Material Conveying: In material conveying programs, PU or polyurethane rollers provide improved traction, put-on resistance, and durability. They are used throughout numerous industries to make certain green and dependable cloth dealing with and transportation.

Unique Benefits and Properties of PU Rollers or polyurethane rollers

Product Marring: PU or polyurethane rollers help save you product marring, making sure that the surface of the processed materials stays undamaged. It is specifically important within meal processing, printing, and packaging.

Wet Environments: PU or polyurethane rollers perform well in wet environments, immune to water, oil, and other chemical compounds. It makes them appropriate for meal processing, mining, and agriculture, where moisture and drinks are often present.

Cost and Lead Time: PU or polyurethane rollers are extraordinarily value-powerful and have shorter lead instances than rollers crafted from different materials. It allows businesses to lessen production fees and decrease downtime because of roller replacements.

Physical Properties

Better Durability: PU or polyurethane rollers have an extended lifespan and more resistance to put on and tear compared to different substances.

Water and Oil Resistance: They are proof against water, oil, and chemical compounds, making them suitable for numerous industrial applications.

Hardness: PU or polyurethane rollers come in various hardness levels, presenting versatility and adaptability for one-of-a-kind packages.

Abrasion Resistance: These rollers provide terrific resistance to abrasion, ensuring longer provider lifestyles and decreased protection.

Tear Strength: PU or polyurethane rollers have high tear energy, making them appropriate for heavy-obligation packages.

Impact Strength: They have advanced impact electricity, allowing them to withstand high hundreds and pressures.

Fatigue Resistance: PU or polyurethane rollers withstand fatigue, ensuring reliable performance over the years.

Thermal Aging Resistance: They can face up to excessive temperatures and maintain their properties even after extended publicity to warmth.

Friction: PU or polyurethane rollers have low friction houses, ensuring easy operation and reduced wear.

Machinability: PU or polyurethane rollers are clean to the machine and may be custom designed to meet specific utility necessities. It lets in for extra flexibility in layout and manufacturing approaches.

Chemical Resistance: PU or polyurethane rollers showcase splendid resistance to various chemical compounds, making them suitable in industries where chemical publicity is commonplace. This resistance helps keep the integrity of the rollers and ensures lengthy-lasting overall performance.

Manufacturing Process and Customization

Processing is Simple: The manufacturing system of PU or polyurethane rollers is rather easy, bearing in mind green manufacturing and value savings.

Roller Balancing: During production, PU or polyurethane rollers go through a balancing system to ensure the clean operation and reduce vibrations for the duration of use.

Building and Bonding: Building and bonding procedures are important in producing PU or polyurethane rollers, ensuring that the urethane fabric is strongly bonded to the steel core, presenting extraordinary sturdiness and overall performance.

Customization Options

PU Roller: Custom-made rollers designed to meet specific application requirements.

Gravure Roller: Rollers utilized in gravure printing procedures offer splendid print effects.

Urethane Roller Specialists: Experts in designing and producing custom urethane rollers for diverse industries.

Polyurethane Pipe Rollers: Rollers designed for helping and transporting pipes during processing or installation.

Pallet Truck Rollers Polyurethane: Durable and wear-resistant rollers used in pallet trucks for fabric dealing.

Polyurethane Roller or Brush: Rollers or brushes fabricated from polyurethane for various packages, which include portrait and floor finishing.

Urethane Drive Roller: Rollers designed for moving strength in conveyor systems and different applications.

Polyurethane Conveyor Rollers: Custom-made conveyor rollers that offer stepped-forward performance and sturdiness.

Polyurethane Roller Covers: Protective covers are designed for polyurethane rollers to extend their lifespan and enhance performance.

Roller Urethane: Customized urethane rollers for diverse packages and industries.

Rubber Roller Ahmedabad: Rubber rollers synthetic in Ahmedabad provide various customization alternatives.

Urethane Coated Rollers: Rollers are covered with urethane fabric for advanced performance and sturdiness.

Urethane Covered Rollers: Rollers with a urethane outer layer provide amazing put-on resistance and reduced friction.

Urethane Feed Rollers: Rollers designed for feeding materials into processing gadgets.

Urethane Idler Rollers: Idler rollers are made from urethane, imparting stepped forward to put on resistance and decreased noise.

Urethane Pipe Rollers: Rollers designed for assisting and moving pipes for the duration of diverse processing programs.

Custom Urethane Rollers: Rollers tailored to particular enterprise requirements and applications.

Industrial Polyurethane Rollers: Heavy-duty polyurethane rollers are designed for diverse industries.

Polyurethane Coated Rollers: Polyurethane coating offers progressed performance and durability.

Polyurethane Roller: Custom-made rollers designed to fulfill particular enterprise needs.

Polyurethane Rollers with Bearings: Rollers with integrated bearings allow easy operation and decrease renovation.

Polyurethane Rubber Roller: Rollers are crafted from an aggregate of polyurethane and rubber, providing precise homes and advantages.

PU Coated Rollers: Rollers coated with PU material provide advanced performance and put on resistance.

Polyurethane Roller Sleeves: Protective sleeves are designed for use with Urethane rollers, extending their lifespan and enhancing performance.

urethane rollers or polyurethane rollers provide several blessings over traditional metal, rubber, and plastic rollers, which include improved durability, resistance to chemical compounds and oils, better traction, versatility in hardness, and price effectiveness. These residences make them appropriate for diverse applications and industries, including food processing, car manufacturing, aviation, mining, packaging, printing, agriculture, creation, metal cutting, and fabric conveying.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction at Shree Shakti Industries: Shree Shakti Industries is devoted to imparting great PU and Urethane rollers, ensuring that they meet clients’ particular desires and necessities across diverse industries, with a focus on high-quality, innovation, and client pleasure, Shree Shakti Industries goals to deliver wonderful services and products that exceed expectations.

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