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SSI Polyurethane Bumpers: The Durable, Cost-Effective Solution for Various Applications

Shree Shakti Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of polyurethane bumpers that are extraordinarily useful for diverse industries and packages due to their resilience, sturdiness, and price effectiveness. These bumpers also are immune to oil, grease, and fuel, making them best for harsh environments. Shree Shakti Industries offers custom solutions for precise desires, ensuring that their polyurethane bumpers provide the most safety and sturdiness. Their huge product line includes diverse forms of polyurethane bumpers, conveyor belt bumpers and hydraulic cylinder bumpers. Shree Shakti Industries is a dependable and skilled manufacturer and provider of polyurethane bumpers for business applications with a commitment to high quality, customisation, and customer delight.

Polyurethane bumpers are a sort of commercial bumper made from polyurethane material. They are widely used in programs throughout distinctive industries due to their numerous advantages. Polyurethane bumpers are long-lasting, price-powerful, abrasion-resistant, oil-resilient, and impingement resistant. They are also non-conductive, non-absorptive, and offer vibration and surprise dampening. They can shield surfaces, equipment, and products from harm that could keep agencies money and time in the long run.

Advantages of Polyurethane Bumpers

Polyurethane bumpers provide several benefits over different types of bumpers. Some of the important thing advantages include the following:

Resilience: Polyurethane is an extraordinarily resilient material that may resist repeated impact without deforming or dropping its shape.

Durability: Polyurethane bumpers, along with rubber or plastic, are long-lasting and might be much longer than different bumpers.

Cost-effectiveness: Although polyurethane bumpers may have a higher advanced value than other bumpers, they provide long-time fee-effectiveness because of their durability and prolonged lifespan.

Abrasion resistance: Polyurethane bumpers are relatively immune to abrasion, making them best for use in harsh environments where different bumpers may also quickly wear out.

Impingement resistance: Polyurethane bumpers can face up to direct effects without cracking or breaking, making them best for use in high-effect applications.

Chemical and oil resistance: Polyurethane bumpers are rather resistant to chemical compounds and oils, making them ideal for use in environments wherein exposure to those substances is not unusual.

Non-absorptive ness: Polyurethane bumpers are non-absorptive, meaning they may not take in moisture or beverages that could damage the material.

Non-conductivity: Polyurethane bumpers are non-conductive, making them safe for electrical programs.

Vibration and surprise dampening: Polyurethane bumpers can absorb and dampen vibrations and shocks, making them ideal for use in programs where gadgets or merchandise must be included from harm resulting from immoderate vibration or shock. 


  • Polyurethane bumpers are manufactured using expanded polyurethane resin with open and closed cells.
  • The microcellular structure of the polyurethane material offers excessive performance with superb elasticity and electricity absorption.
  • The material is self-extinguishing and has a long service and shelf existence.
  • Polyurethane bumpers have a temperature capability from -40ºC (-40ºF) to +80ºC (175ºF), making them appropriate for use in various environments.
  • Steel safety chains are encased inside every bumper and connected to the metal assist, supplying a safety characteristic that prevents capability damage or harm to belongings inside in the case of catastrophic effect.
  • Polyurethane bumpers are immune to mechanical wear, oil, grease, and fuel, best used in harsh environments.
  • Polyurethane bumpers are available in stud and four-bolt mounting configurations, presenting versatility for distinct applications.

Types of Polyurethane Bumpers

Bumpers for conveyor belt systems: These bumpers are designed to shield the conveyor belt and save you harm to the system or merchandise. They may be custom moulded to healthy the precise length and shape of the conveyor belt.

Shock absorbers for electrical additives: These bumpers are designed to shield touchy electrical additives from harm due to impact or vibration. They may be custom moulded to suit the particular length and form of the aspect.

Hydraulic cylinder bumpers/stoppers: These bumpers are designed to cushion the impact of hydraulic cylinders, stopping damage to the cylinder and other components. They can be custom moulded to shape the precise size and shape of the cylinder.

Navy hatch bumpers: These bumpers are designed to guard army hatches against damage resulting from impact or vibration. They can be custom moulded to match the precise length and shape of the hatch.

Polyurethane bumpers for army rifles are designed to guard the rifle against impact or damage throughout shipping or use. They can be custom moulded to suit the precise length and shape of the rifle.

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder bumpers: These bumpers are designed to cushion the effect of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, stopping damage to the cylinder and other additives. They can be custom moulded to match the specific size and shape of the cylinder.

Industrial washing gadget bumpers: These bumpers are designed to guard the washing device and save you harm to the device or merchandise. They may be custom moulded to shape the particular length and form of the bathing system.

Bicycle seat surprise absorbers/bumpers: These bumpers are designed to offer a cushioning effect and soak up shock at the same time as cycling. They may be custom moulded to suit the particular size and form of the bicycle seat.

Custom moulded and solid polyurethane bumpers: These bumpers can be made to satisfy specific needs and necessities. They may be custom moulded or forged to match the exact specifications of the device or product they’re defensive of.


Manufacturing: Polyurethane bumpers may be used to protect the system and merchandise at some point in production procedures, together with conveyor belts, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, and business washing machines.

Automotive: Polyurethane bumpers are generally used inside the car enterprise to defend vehicles from effect and vibration, which includes bumper stops, crane bumpers, and suspension components.

Construction: Polyurethane bumpers are used within the construction enterprise to defend surfaces, gadgets, and products, together with crane bumpers, hydraulic cylinder bumpers, and navy hatch bumpers.

Marine: Polyurethane bumpers, such as army hatch bumpers and dock fenders, are used within the marine industry to protect boats and ships from damage resulting from effect and vibration.

Electrical: Polyurethane bumpers are used within the electric enterprise to protect sensitive electric additives from harm caused by impact or vibration, which include surprise absorbers for electric additives.

Sports and Recreation: Polyurethane bumpers are utilised in sports and undertaking gadgets to cushion and soak up shock, including bicycle seat surprise absorbers/bumpers.

Threaded Bumpers

  • Threaded bumpers are polyurethane with threaded studs on the bottom for smooth set-up and elimination.
  • Unlike normal bumpers, which can also require drilling or glueing to attach, threaded bumpers may be without problems screwed into the region.
  • Polyurethane bumpers with threaded studs are ideal for applications requiring frequent installation and elimination, including conveyor structures or commercial gadgets.
  • The ease of installation and removal of threaded bumpers also can store time and money on maintenance and upkeep.
  • Threaded bumpers are available in various sizes and configurations, making them appropriate for various applications.
  • In addition to ease of set-up, polyurethane bumpers with threaded studs also provide the same blessings as regular polyurethane bumpers, along with durability, abrasion resistance, and shock absorption.

Crane Bumpers

  • Crane bumpers are a form of bumper designed to shield cranes and surrounding structures from harm due to collisions.
  • The weight and momentum of cranes cause them to be mainly at risk of causing harm once they collide with devices or systems.
  • Polyurethane bumpers are an ideal answer for crane bumpers because they may be especially resilient and withstand the effect and weight of cranes without cracking or deforming.
  • Polyurethane crane bumpers may be custom moulded to suit the particular length and form of the crane and surrounding structures, providing maximum safety.
  • Using polyurethane crane bumpers can save you highly-priced harm to devices and structures and potential employee injuries.
  • Polyurethane crane bumpers are also proof against abrasion, oil, and chemicals, making them best used in harsh environments.
  • Properly established polyurethane crane bumpers can offer lengthy-lasting protection in opposition to damage because of collisions.

Why Polyurethane?

  • Polyurethane has numerous advantages over different substances usually utilised in business bumpers, together with rubber and plastic.
  • Polyurethane is quite resilient and sturdy, making it perfect for applications that require effect and vibration resistance.
  • Compared to rubber bumpers, polyurethane bumpers have a longer lifespan and can withstand a much wider variety of temperatures and chemical compounds.
  • Polyurethane bumpers provide advanced abrasion resistance and impact resistance compared to plastic bumpers.
  • Polyurethane bumpers may be customised to match specific wishes and necessities, consisting of custom moulded or solid bumpers.
  • Polyurethane bumpers are extremely flexible and can be utilised in various programs throughout special industries.
  • The customisation alternatives for polyurethane bumpers, consisting of colour and hardness, allow for a more tailored option to shape particular systems or product needs.
  • The benefits of polyurethane make it a perfect preference for business bumpers, presenting lengthy-lasting safety and value-effectiveness.
  • Polyurethane bumpers offer several blessings over different styles of bumpers, which include resilience, sturdiness, price-effectiveness, abrasion resistance, impingement resistance, chemical and oil resistance, non-absorptiveness, non-conductivity, and vibration and shock dampening.
  • The technical specifications of polyurethane bumpers, which include extended polyurethane resin with open and closed cells, long provider and shelf life, temperature functionality, and steel protection chains, make them appropriate for use in a huge variety of environments.
  • Polyurethane bumpers are available in numerous kinds, along with conveyor belt bumpers, shock absorbers for electrical components, hydraulic cylinder bumpers/stoppers, and navy hatch bumpers, and may be customised to shape particular desires and requirements.
  • Polyurethane bumpers are commonly used in manufacturing, car, creation, marine, electrical, and sports activities and pastime industries to defend surfaces, equipment, and merchandise from damage due to impact and vibration.
  • Threaded and crane bumpers are two specialised polyurethane bumpers that provide unique advantages in specific packages.
  • Polyurethane is a distinctly flexible cloth that can be customised to satisfy unique desires, making it an ideal choice for commercial bumpers.

The blessings of using polyurethane bumpers lead them to a fee-powerful answer for a defensive system and merchandise from harm and ensuring the protection of people.

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