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Polyurethane Sheets: Durable, Flexible & Water-Resistant

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SSI Polyurethane Sheet

Shree Shakti Industries is manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Polyurethane Sheets. If you are looking for top-quality Polyurethane Sheets, SSI is the best option.

Our sheet is widely appreciated in the market due to its precise style and lightweight. As the PU sheet manufacturer, we offer a variety of dimensions, styles, and specifications according to the requirements of our customers.

Rubber and cast polyurethane belong to the same family of materials referred to as elastomers. After taking away the forces, they will return to their original form when stretched, deformed, and compressed. 

It happens across their entire hardness range. One of the main distinguishing characteristics of polyurethane casting shapes is the variety of durometers. Polyurethane is very flexible (Shore 20A) or extremely hard (Shore 75 to 95D). Polyurethane can compete with or substitute for traditional materials like aluminium, steel, ceramic, rubber, and steel. 

It is sometimes used to replace UHMW and other plastics in situations requiring a product with excellent tear and resistance to abrasion. Polyurethane has excellent load-bearing and flexes fatigue, contrasting with compression sets.

Our casting process lets us make sheets that meet your specific requirements. We can produce precision cast PU sheets that do not have wax on one side or both sides, and we also offer standard cast sheets that do not have polish.

It means that you do not have to increase the thickness of the sheet material to stick to the substrate.

We can produce a variety of durometers and thicknesses dual durometer sheets to meet your exact requirements. 

They are not able to delimit extreme pressure.

Our customers can provide urethane parts that are strictly tolerant while ensuring high-quality control and efficiency. The tests are conducted following established guidelines by an accredited testing agency.

Custom urethane sheets can be made at your request. If moulded custom to your desired thickness, size, compounds, and colour requirements for more significant or different Urethane sheet size needs.

We can manufacture PU sheets in various customized colours and ratings for durability with dual durometers to address wear problems.

Sizes We can create exact tolerances for cutting washers or gaskets.

 We know how to make precision-cast polyurethane sheets by applying rotational force to the most exacting tolerances.

Standard Sizes 12″Wx12″L, 12″x24″, 24″x24″, 12″x48″ L, 24″x48″ L

Hardness 20A, 30A, 40A, 60A, 70A, 80A, 90A, 95A, and 75D

Colors Standard; Red, Natural, and Black (other colours available upon request)

We can manufacture the urethane sheet you require for your specific needs. Urethane is cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant, and urethane is resistant to chemicals and oil. Urethane is machine-friendly and adaptable. 

Urethane is low-cost for tooling, has a high capacity for carrying loads and has an elastic memory.

The urethane sheeting components made by us can stand up to harsh environments and can keep their maximum performance for years of use. 

SSI is a firm that can ensure that all the urethane components you require will be fulfilled.

Making cast polyurethane sheets, as well as moulded parts of polyurethane, require special equipment and skills. 

At SSI, we design and manufacture every mould in-house to ensure speed, precision, and precision. We control all the steps from the design stage to the manufacturing.

Polyurethane products outperform those made from rubber as well as other traditional substances.

At SSI, we are pleased to offer high-quality Polyurethane Sheet products suitable for commercial and domestic applications.

The abrasion resistance is five times more than that of purely natural rubber. 

The oil-resistant is 3-5 times higher than that of NBR rubber and has a high elasticity of 65% with significant compression-resistant at high temperatures. Polyurethane sheet is a fast-growing material with a general hardness of 15-98 Shore and high viscosity for metal materials.

We manufacture Cast Polyurethane Sheets that range from 0.05cm to 5cm thick.

Due to the process of manufacturing employed when making polyurethane, some surfaces have smoother surfaces than others. These surfaces are considered “above” and not “below to be used for machining. If the finish “Top” is essential to you, write it down at the time of inquiry.

The polyurethane sheet is an excellent alternative for applications that require high demand, in which standard rubber and similar materials are not suitable. Urethane is a durable material that is ideal for any job where plastic or rubber parts were previously used.

SSI also has a great team of committed employees with exceptional talents in developing and producing rigid tolerance Urethane Sheets. Our rapid prototyping capabilities and manufacturing in India have also received a positive response.

Polyurethane sheets can be found in many types, including standard-sized sheets, cast urethane sheets, water-clear urethane, and precision urethane sheets. All are made to SSI, and the manufacturing industry extensively utilizes them due to their diverse physical and mechanical characteristics.

Custom Cast Polyurethane Sheets

Cast Polyurethane Sheets are made with the most rigid tolerances possible through rotational force. Most Custom Cast Polyurethane Sheets are made specifically to the dimensions, compound, and colour you want.

 We’re happy to send you samples of these items if you need them. We invite you to contact us for further information.

The physical characteristics have been analyzed, and the physical properties of the SSI Anti-Static polyurethane sheet are superior to many other brands available in the market. 

One of our customers commented on the extraordinary capacity of our Anti-Static Sheet to resist wear, abrasion and corrosion, and chemicals.

Anti-static polyurethane sheets excel in mechanical strength and wear resistance and are employed in industrial applications. It is durable and wear-resistant, with excellent damping capabilities and high ductility. It can make different sizes, thicknesses, widths, and colours of sheets.

SSI uses only the highest-grade polyurethane from world-renowned resin producers to ensure top quality.

We’ve been focused on speed and accuracy to create the best quality Anti-Static Polyurethane Sheets for our customers and clients.

We’ve focused our efforts on speed and accuracy to produce the finest high-quality Industrial Cast Urethane Parts for our clients. One of the strengths of our company is the extensive in-house capabilities that include pressing and grinding parts made of urethane.

With our vast experience, we can offer our clients high-tolerance urethane components that meet their needs with the most increased high-quality control and cost-effectiveness.

Tests are administered according to the established guidelines provided to an accredited agency to conduct tests.

Urethane is a marvellous material that can absorb a blow and keep its original shape even after decades of use in nearly any environment.

Wear-resistant Polyurethane Sheet manufacturers use high-end materials and are built according to the specifications required by the customer.


SSI High-Performance Urethane Sheets:

High-performance urethane sheets are made to resist wear and tear with specific tasks that require premium materials. Urethane is an excellent option when you seek the best material with a low price and fast delivery time.


SSI Abrasion-Resistant Urethane Sheets:

Our abrasion-resistant urethane sheets will maintain their outstanding performance even in harsh conditions. They are also available in different designs. So, whatever the requirements for your particular application, we will provide you with an abrasion-resistant piece of urethane with the specifications you need.


SSI Polyurethane Flat Sheet

At SSI, We carry and stock the most extensive selection of flat sheets made of polyurethane. Our in-house machine shop has top-of-the-line equipment, including the latest equipment to manufacture multi-stiffness polyurethane and double durometer Urethane sheets in specific sizes, colours, and durometers.

SSI manufactures polyurethane flat sheet stock in various sizes and colours.

Urethane Flat Sheet is available in standard or custom lengths or thicknesses.

Our flat sheet stock is typically black, red, and natural colours.

A flat sheet of urethane is a highly versatile material, and this flat piece can be turned into custom-designed components. Flat sheets of polyurethane resist numerous chemical compounds, and flat sheets of urethane are resistant to solvents and oils. Available in all durometers.


SSI Thin Urethane Sheets:

SSI uses the highest quality Urethane products from world-renowned manufacturers to manufacture thin sheets. We develop and produce Thin Urethane Sheets in large quantities to suit your application.


SSI Clear Polyurethane Sheets:

At SSI, Our transparent polyurethane sheets are made to order in various shapes, sizes, dimensions, and hardness levels. With decades of experience, you can get the most transparent polyurethane sheets.


SSI Urethane Rubber Sheets:

SSI polyurethane sheets are well-known for their industrial applications, such as gaskets, linings and scrapers, washers, and other machined parts. SSI Standard Cast Urethane Sheets comply with the most stringent industry standards for durometer and thickness, making them ideal for extreme applications.

SSI offers Polyurethane sheets in black or translucent colours, cut to your specifications or standard sizes.


Metal Backed Urethane Sheets

Polyurethane is an exclusive material with an elastic rubber with the toughness and endurance of metal. Because urethane comes with a broad range of hardness, it allows the engineer to replace plastic, rubber, and metal with the highest durability and resistance to abrasion.

SSI expanded metal-backed sheets as well as fabric-backed sheets. Metal-backed sheets are offered in 48″ wide x 48″ extended. These sheets are suitable for wear-liner projects, and Metal-backed sheets are a great option when strength is needed. The fabric used to make sheets with a material backing allows them to be fixed.


Benefits of sheets of polyurethane

Polyurethane sheets commonly replace rubber components, providing noticeably better than traditional materials. 

Polyurethane sheets have superior wear resistance and can beat other materials at least four times. 

Another benefit is its capacity to withstand loads and compression; Polyurethane will outperform rubber which shrinks faster and causes an increase in the looseness of components related to it, most commonly, vehicle’s suspension components, often resulting in the loss of control and costly damage from resistance to ageing and corrosion. 

The material tends to degrade within a brief time frame; however, it may accelerate through UV exposure or exposure to gasoline and oil. Polyurethane sheets are stronger and more resistant to cutting sharp edges and resistant to impacts.


Filling in the gaps between plastic and rubber

Our polyurethane sheets can withstand a more significant load than rubber since they are more durable than rubber but much more flexible and durable than rubber. Their durability is the reason behind their capacity to withstand impact.

High abrasion resistance

Custom Urethane sheets from SSI are ideal for projects requiring extreme wear and tear, regardless of the temperatures. 

They are the most frequently utilized material in highly harsh environments due to their remarkable ability to resist scratching. No other elastomers, such as metals and plastics, are more resistant to abrasion than polyurethane, and their abrasion resistance is ten times more effective than other materials.

Resistance to chemical and oil

As with their abrasion resistance, the properties of sheet stock made of polyurethane can withstand chemical and oil-based substances. It allows them to keep their stability (with minimal swelling) in the presence of oil, water, and other liquids. If you’re looking for an elastomer for marine applications, then polyurethane is the best option.

Affordable Manufacturing Process

Prototypes and other products, like one-time items or parts, are usually made with polyurethane.

Polyurethane’s resistance

Resilience is typically a result of the degree of hardness. Urethane sheets are an excellent solution for elastomer-based applications that absorb shock. They are ideal for high-frequency vibration or rapid recovery, and their exceptional ductility means that polyurethane is durable.

Large capacity for load-carrying

Urethane has superior wear properties and elastic memory. It also offers excellent resistance to impact compared to plastics.

 They are renowned for their electrical properties and stability in the environment.

They can work with a broad flexibility range. It can ward off adverse effects caused by mould mildew, mildew, fungus oil, water, grease, and solvent: damage and tears.

Excellent noise reduction properties

High tear and cut resistance

Moulding with a thinner section


Resistance to Ozone

Resistance to radiation

Castable Nature

Low-Pressure Tooling


Less expensive construction

Resistance to corrosion

High resistance to impact

It is easy to mould



Elastic memory

Variable friction coefficient

The moulding of the coarse section

Tooling with low-cost costs

Resistance to low-temperature

Cold Flow Resistance


Application of Polyurethane sheet:

Polyurethane sheets can be used for high-demand applications where conventional rubber and other materials conflict.

Polyurethane sheets are famous for their industrial applications.

SSI offers sheet material in various thicknesses, sizes, materials, colours, and grades.

The plastic sheet permits flexibility in shaping and is used in multiple industrial markets, including aerospace, transportation, security and architectural glazing machines and equipment, marine construction orthotics and prosthetics entertainment, and signage POP display lighting.

Mining Industry


Lining with abrasion resistance

Seal and seal for the gear

Jigs and Fixtures




Press Equipment



Rollers and Sleeves

suspension bushings

Scraper Blade

Wear Plate



Machined Components

Noise damper

Slurry Transfer

Drive belt




Features: Polyurethane Sheets



Long life expectancy and endurance

Easy to Thermoform

Strong and Rigid

Impact Resistant

Glazing Materials

Light diffuser

Weather-friendly and can perform well in outdoor conditions.

Rugged Design

Precise Dimensions


Exceptional Standards

Glazing Materials




Flexibility and resilience as rubber

Fantastic finish

Unmatched quality

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