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SSI PU coupling spider or PU coupling star

High-Quality PU Coupling Spider by Shree Shakti Industries - Optimal Power Transmission and Durability

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Temperature variety from -35 o C to ninety o C, 

Torque range maximum torque up to 28,000 Nm

Size – All + custom

Hardness – 40A-98A  


Colour – pink, yellow, blue, black, and white

Shree Shakti Industries, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is a leading manufacturer of premium quality Polyurethane PU Coupling Spiders. With years of experience and advanced production facilities, the company has become a trusted supplier for various industries worldwide. Shree Shakti Industries is committed to delivering high-performance, durable, and reliable products that cater to the diverse needs of its clients.

B. Significance of PU Coupling Spider in the industry

PU (Polyurethane) Coupling Spiders play a vital role in power transmission across various industries. These spiders are essential components in jaw couplings, designed to connect two shafts while minimizing vibrations and compensating for misalignment. PU Coupling Spiders are known for their durability, high torque capacity, and vibration-damping properties. They offer an efficient, reliable, cost-effective solution for various applications, including industrial machinery, pumping systems, gearboxes, motors, and power transmission devices.

C. Advantages over competing coupling manufacturers

Shree Shakti Industries stands out among competing coupling manufacturers due to several reasons:

  1. Expertise: Years of experience manufacturing high-quality industrial coupling stars allow them to create products that meet specific industry requirements.

2. Quality: Strict quality control measures ensure that their products offer superior performance, longevity, and reliability.

3. Customization: Shree Shakti Industries can develop customized PU Coupling Spiders that cater to individual client needs.

4. Competitive Pricing: They offer high-quality products at affordable prices without compromising quality or performance.

5. Customer Support: Their outstanding customer service ensures a smooth purchasing experience and technical support for product-related inquiries.

Shree Shakti Industries has become a go-to choice for clients seeking top-quality Polyurethane Coupling Spiders and other industrial coupling solutions.

PU Coupling Spider Features

Durable polyurethane material

PU Coupling Spiders are made of durable polyurethane material, offering excellent wear, tear, and abrasion resistance. This material is known for its flexibility, high load-bearing capacity, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for various industrial applications.

Variety of sizes and dimensions

Shree Shakti Industries offers various PU Coupling Spiders in multiple sizes and dimensions to accommodate different shaft sizes, torque requirements, and misalignment conditions. It ensures clients find the perfect fit for their specific machinery or equipment.

Customization options for specific needs

Understanding that each client’s needs are unique, Shree Shakti Industries provides customization options for their PU Coupling Spiders. It enables clients to order couplings tailored to their specific application requirements, such as higher torque capacities, chemical resistance, or unique dimensions.

High load-bearing capacity

PU Coupling Spiders are designed to handle high torque loads and transmit power efficiently between connected shafts. The polyurethane material used in their construction provides exceptional load-bearing capacity, ensuring smooth operation even under demanding conditions.

Wear-resistant and long-lasting

PU Coupling Spiders are manufactured to be wear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements. The high-quality polyurethane material used in their construction offers excellent wear, tear, and abrasion resistance, resulting in a reliable and long-lasting product that can withstand the rigors of daily industrial use.

Benefits of PU Coupling Spider

Efficient power transmission

PU Coupling Spiders are designed to facilitate efficient power transmission between connected shafts. The durable polyurethane material and precise manufacturing process ensure that the coupling spider can effectively transfer torque while compensating for misalignment or axial movement, providing smooth and consistent power transmission.

Vibration and noise reduction

One of the critical benefits of PU Coupling Spiders is their ability to reduce vibrations and noise in the power transmission system. The elastomeric properties of polyurethane allow the spider to absorb and dissipate vibrations generated during operation, resulting in a quieter and smoother running system.

High torque capacity

PU Coupling Spiders can handle high torque loads, making them suitable for various industrial applications. The polyurethane material’s resilience and durability ensure that the coupling spider can transmit power efficiently, even under demanding conditions, without the risk of premature failure or damage.

Easy installation and low maintenance

PU Coupling Spiders are designed for easy installation and require minimal maintenance. Their flexible nature allows for simple assembly and disassembly without requiring specialized tools or equipment. Additionally, the wear-resistant properties of polyurethane reduce the need for frequent maintenance or replacement, contributing to reduced downtime and overall operational costs.

Prolonged equipment lifespan

By minimizing vibrations and compensating for misalignment, PU Coupling Spiders help to protect connected equipment from excessive wear and stress. It results in a prolonged lifespan for the machinery and equipment, reducing the need for repairs or replacements and lowering long-term operational costs.

Applications of PU Coupling Spider

Industrial machinery

PU Coupling Spiders are widely used in various industrial machinery applications, where efficient power transmission and reduced vibrations are essential. They can be found in manufacturing equipment, conveyor systems, and material handling machines, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Pumping systems

PU Coupling Spiders play a crucial role in connecting the pump and motor shafts in pumping systems. Their ability to transmit power efficiently while dampening vibrations helps maintain the stability of the pumping system, reducing wear and tear on the components and prolonging their lifespan.

Gearboxes and motors

Gearboxes and motors rely on efficient power transmission to function optimally. PU Coupling Spiders are used in these applications to connect the input and output shafts, ensuring smooth power transmission while mitigating vibrations and noise. This results in improved performance and reduced gearbox and motor component wear.

Power transmission devices

PU Coupling Spiders are commonly used in various power transmissions devices, such as driveshafts, universal joints, and other mechanical couplings. Their ability to handle high torque loads and compensate for misalignment makes them ideal for applications that require precise and reliable power transmission.

Mining and construction equipment

Equipment often operates under harsh and demanding conditions in the mining and construction industries. PU Coupling Spiders are utilized in these applications due to their durability, high load-bearing capacity, and ability to reduce vibrations. They can be found in excavators, drilling rigs, and other heavy machinery, contributing to efficient operation and reduced maintenance requirements.

Comparing PU Coupling Spider with Competitors

Rubber Coupling Spider

Rubber coupling spiders offer good vibration damping and are generally more cost-effective than PU coupling spiders. However, they have lower load-bearing capacities and are more susceptible to wear and tear. PU coupling spiders, on the other hand, provide better wear resistance, higher torque capacities, and longer-lasting performance compared to rubber coupling spiders.

Nylon Gear Coupling Spider

Nylon gear coupling spiders are lightweight and have good chemical resistance, but they are less effective at dampening vibrations than PU coupling spiders. Additionally, their load-bearing capacities are lower than those of PU coupling spiders. PU coupling spiders are the better choice in applications where vibration reduction and higher torque capacity are essential.

Rubber Bellow Coupling

Rubber bellow couplings use a rubber bellow to connect two shafts and transmit torque. While they offer good flexibility and misalignment compensation, their torque capacities and wear resistance are lower than PU coupling spiders. PU coupling spiders would be more suitable for applications requiring increased durability and torque capacity.

Love Joy Coupling Spider (Standard)

Love Joy coupling spiders are famous jaw-coupling spiders that typically use rubber or urethane materials. Standard Love Joy coupling spiders made from rubber provides good vibration damping but may not have the same load-bearing capacity or wear resistance as PU coupling spiders. Urethane Love Joy coupling spiders have higher torque capacities, but they tend to be more expensive and may not provide the same level of vibration damping. In many cases, PU coupling spiders offer a balanced solution, combining the benefits of both rubber and urethane coupling spiders.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Polyurethane Coupling Spider

Hardness (40-98A) 

Before purchasing a polyurethane coupling spider, it’s essential to understand the hardness required for your application. Hardness, measured in Shore A, influences the coupling’s ability to handle torque and vibrations. Choose the appropriate hardness based on your specific needs and operating conditions.

Size, Diameter, Design, Shape, Thickness

Consider the coupling spider’s size, diameter, design, shape, and thickness to ensure compatibility with your machinery. These factors determine the coupling spider’s ability to handle load and misalignment and its overall performance.

Spider Types

  1. Solid-center: This is the most common type of coupling spider and offers reliable performance for a wide range of applications.

2. Open-center type (OCT): Open-center coupling spiders provide more flexibility and accommodate more significant misalignment, making them suitable for increased movement or vibration applications.

3. Snap-wrap: These coupling spiders are easy to install and remove, minimizing downtime during maintenance. However, they tend to be more expensive than other types.

4. Load cushions: These are designed for specific collar models and offer easy installation and removal. They are ideal for applications requiring frequent maintenance or replacement.


The torque capacity of a PU coupling spider is a critical factor to consider. Choose a coupling spider with sufficient torque capacity to handle the requirements of your application without causing damage or premature wear.

Temperature Range and Environmental Factors

Polyurethane coupling spiders have different temperature ranges depending on their material composition. Ensure that the coupling spider you choose can withstand the operating temperature range of your application, as extreme temperatures can affect the performance and lifespan of the coupling spider.

Why Choose Shree Shakti Industries

Years of manufacturing expertise

Shree Shakti Industries has extensive experience in manufacturing industrial couplings, including PU coupling spiders. With a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and challenges, the company has honed its expertise to deliver high-quality, reliable products that meet customers’ requirements.

Advanced production facilities

Equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities, Shree Shakti Industries ensures that their PU coupling spiders are manufactured using advanced techniques and technologies. These cutting-edge facilities enable the company to produce consistently high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards.

Strict quality control measures

Shree Shakti Industries is committed to maintaining strict quality control measures throughout manufacturing. From selecting raw materials to final product inspections, every stage is closely monitored to ensure that only the best PU coupling spiders reach their customers. This rigorous approach to quality control guarantees the durability and performance of their products.

Competitive pricing structure

Understanding the importance of offering cost-effective solutions, Shree Shakti Industries has developed a competitive pricing structure for their PU coupling spiders. By balancing quality and affordability, the company ensures that customers receive the best value for their investment.

Outstanding customer support

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Shree Shakti Industries. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support, expert guidance, and assistance at every step of the purchasing process. From product selection to after-sales support, Shree Shakti Industries is committed to ensuring its customers have a seamless and satisfactory experience.


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